Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lady Thira Would Like to Introduce Herself.

Well, hello there.
The Kira Thira is pleased to make your acquaintance. She stands in all of her glory just as she did 30 years ago (we think she looks pretty good for her age, actually) as a home to locals and new-comers, fresh-faced tourists and weary travelers, jazz connoisseurs and music-lovers, the like.

Here you will discover a bit of a departure from the typical night life of Fira and are always invited to enter into a mellow, jazzy, warmly-lit cave for a lovely glass of sangria (we keep our secret recipe in the family), an array of classic jazz, latin, african, acid jazz and more. The D.J. will keep you guessing and tapping your foot along with the beat as you converse with friends, old and new.

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